I won’t get trouble about daddy

“See mummy, I got dressed very quickly so I won’t get trouble about daddy” 

Monday was a bank holiday, another one, this time remembering San Martin.  I asked one of the fathers at Joni’s school who San Martin was.  He said “some guy who rode a horse to Chile”.  Whatever, it was a day off.  So we went for a picnic to Miramar. 

“Ohhhhhhhhh, I don’t want to go to Miramar, the water’s all salty”  (Why do kids the whole world over do that ohhhhh thing when they’re whinging about something?  They come out of the uterus knowing that that will be the most effective sound ever when you really want to annoy your parents.) 

So we went anyway….

     kids on beach   Danny on beach 

 On dodgem cars  bouncy castle

We managed the challenge of walking the parapet without anyone falling in…

walking on parapet wall  

Beware the wild baby…

Danny looking scary

And as the last vestige of light disappeared from the evening sky;

watching sun set

“Ohhhhhhh, why do we have to go home already?  Didn’t we bring the tent?” 

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