I wish that I had duck feet…

… And I can tell you why.

You can splash around in duck feet.

You don’t have to keep them dry. 

(Dr Seuss I wish that I had duck feet 1965)

Duckfeet wouldn’t be a bad option around here right now, given that my current choices are between the wet footwear or the other wet footwear, and this has been the view from our dining room window for various parts of today;- 

… I wish I had a whale spout

A whale spout on my head!

DSC_0004 (2)

… BUT…

My mother would not like it.

I know just what she would say:

“Not in the house!

You turn that off!

You take that spout away.”

Very little chance of turning it off while the rain continues, as indeed it does.  Our own spout is caused by the grass roots restricting the bottom of the guttering.  Note how the water flows directly into the road, it’s meant to do that, which partially explains why San Francisco disappears anytime it rains for more than twenty minutes.  And we should be grateful for small mercies since the deluge into the road does at least mean that most of the water on the roof is draining off in traditional manner rather than via the alternative route through the cracks in the office ceiling. 

Loveliest of trees the cherry now

is hung with bloom along the bough

From Dr Seuss to AE Housman I think caters for a fairly broad literally span.  Ok so this isn’t a cherry, and it isn’t white and it isn’t Easter.   But it is pretty, and it is the view looking the other way from our dining room window, and it even still has a cloud of blossom on it despite today’s rain:


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