High Five

Mummy, did you make me a cake?

I did (thinks; lucky I knocked that out at one in the morning after we got back from Cordoba last night).

Has it got smarties on it?

It has.

And chocolate icing?

It does (phew, good guessing mummy).


What would you like for lunch on your birthday?


OK, and what would you like with your cauliflower?


And anything else?



That part was actually harder than it sounds; from being in plentiful abundance three days ago, it took a trawl through three greengrocers to track down some cauliflower which had also inexplicably tripled in price; either the cauliflower season has finished, or possibly someone’s field was flooded out by all the rain we’ve been having.  The fish shop was also closed, but luckily we discovered the posh butcher also does fishcakes so we were able to meet all his requirements.

He had a kite with a lion on it for his birthday, which had its maiden flight at Scouts in the afternoon to much delight (both his and the Scouts).  It also accompanied us to the plaza today, although the plaza turned out to be rather more complicated owing to the presence of too many trees, unlike the scrubby bit of waste-land behind the Scout railway-shed. 

We’re doing his party on Thursday, partly because the weekend already had too much stuff in it, and partly because it’s a bank holiday (yes, another one) so some people are away including the lady who owns the play-barn which he and his mates are going to trash uh enjoy for his party. 

And isn’t it amazing what 24 hours can do?  Joni’s been showing us all day how much more grown up he is, how much taller he is, how much faster he can run (obviously he grew half a metre overnight) and generally how much more impressed we should be with everything he can do now he’s five.  So naturally, we have also responded by giving him an opportunity to impress us with how much more quickly he can tidy his toys away, and how much less complaining he can do when we ask him to help clear the table… High fives all round, he’s a fantastic kid. 

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