Free Morning

Today I had a nearly free morning because my English student cancelled, and the car is in the workshop, so I can’t get out to the village either.  So after a mums’ meeting at school (I have to dress up as a cat for assembly next week, let’s not talk about it) I finally got behind my computer for the first time in daylight hours in a while. 

What’s new?

Danny had his second birthday last week, so I sent a cake and all the gubbins in to nursery on Friday to “do” his birthday at nursery in the morning, and then we had another cake etc. at home in the afternoon.  They said he spent the whole morning singing happy birthday to himself.  It is is favourite song, and he can sing it in two languages, which as my mum says is actually quite impressive to be able to sing in two languages by your second birthday.  We just take it for granted.  The kids spent the afternoon chasing each other round the dining room table:

kids on bikes Danny on trike Joni on bike

We had the first Scout camp of the academic year, which went off in usual Scoutly fashion:

Scout camp   Scout camp Scout campScout camp Scout camp  Scout camp  Scout camp

The car is in the workshop.  That’s not new.  But it is in a different workshop, belonging to someone who is described as expensive but honest.  That would be new.  Especially if they actually fixed it. 

The fridge has also broken down today.  Luckily for the contents of the fridge, the temperature here has dropped like a rock the last few days.  Although it was up to five degrees when we woke up this morning, which was quite nice for us after several days of waking up to see frost in the plaza opposite our unheated house.  The frost is quite pretty, but the house is too cold to appreciate fully the finer artistic merit of Antarctic weather systems. 

Joni and I are working on the latest book in our “reading scheme” series.  This one is about sharks.  I’m currently pondering the notion that there have been far more sharks eaten by people than people eaten by sharks.  So who is the deadliest species? 

And somewhere in the recesses of what is left of my brain in between creating cakes, teaching English and running around after kids, I am chewing over this paradox:  Jesus was rebellious to the cross, and he was obedient to the cross.  Which is about as far as I have got, but I am sure that there would be big implications if I can get my head round it.   

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