Our rich cultural heritage

I have put my reflection on Rahab the prostitute up under the sermons tab for those who read Spanish (or who like to have a laugh at your favourite online translator.)

For various reasons the weekend turned into a trial by offspring.  We did start discussing the relative merits of selling them for chemical experiments versus slavery.  I also remembered that Jonathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal, which is quite a handy piece of prose for such occasions.  Thankfully things have improved today so they have won a reprieve, but I’m holding onto the link in case of future need. 

I’ve been singing a little home-made bath-time ditty to the tune of Boney M’s Brown Girl in the Ring, so I had to find the real version for Joni the other night.  It’s aged a bit since I was seven, but this, my boys, is part of your cultural heritage.  Although these days you might find yourself arrested under the anti-terrorism act if you wore those shorts without a proper licence. 

Boney M. Brown Girl in the Ring.

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