… happened to the last three weeks?

Easter was a challenge to my view of God.  I think that was probably needed.  The rest of life was kind of busy. 

Some friends came for lunch on Easter Sunday and we made bagna cauda.  That is one Italian tradition which probably hasn’t made the mainstream of British dining.  It involves lots of cream, garlic and anchovies.  In San Francisco, as a strongly Italian enclave, bagna cauda is almost compulsory Good Friday fare when the entire city stinks of garlic and fish for the day.  So we broke the rules by postponing it till Sunday but it tasted the same and we had fun making it with our friend Joaquin;

DSC_0033   DSC_0034

There was supposed to be a Scout training weekend on, but it got cancelled at the last minute.  One of our church-plants however did hold a conference which didn’t get cancelled and I did plenty of floor-sweeping and child-entertaining.  Someone once said “never discuss theology till you’ve worked with someone”.  I cried all the way through the final episode of Rev and not just because it was the final episode.  English teaching goes up and down, sometimes I don’t have enough hours in the day, and other times everyone cancels at once (or just fails to turn up, grrr).  The kids are doing fine, Danny is becoming potty trained and enjoying nursery and swimming lessons.  Joni is enjoying school, and cooking classes (he also loved being Joaquin’s apprentice for the morning when we made the bagna cauda, Joaquin being a cool 18 year old who loves to cook), and he is chuffed to have been moved up a swimming class yesterday.  Our 14 year old periodically makes an appearance, and generally requires very little maintenance as long as she has access to a computer.  She’s with us this weekend.  And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that I was probably supposed to do and didn’t get round to yet.  But at least I’ve written a blog. 

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