There and back

We snuck into the UK for a quick visit, managed to pack in a dozen or so meetings in eight churches, by the end of which we were done with meetings, people, and especially with the M25 so we didn’t do half the other stuff or see half the friends we had planned to.  Next time, next time… 

We have been back in the country for six days and in San Francisco for five.  Still haven’t quite managed to distribute the mountain of stuff that we transported across the Atlantic on behalf of other people (“Did you pack this yourself madam…?”).  It’ll happen.  In fact I need to make a couple of phone calls to find out where some of it needs to go to. 

Currently having technology failure, the first thing that happened after we arrived was that my pc decided not to boot up anymore.  It has gone for repair.  The next thing was that the phone line fell off the wall because the atmosphere in our office is mostly reminiscent of an Amazonian swamp.  Martin fixed it yesterday (the phone line that is, the swamp remains without remedy).  So naturally the car wouldn’t want to miss out on its share of the attention.  Luckily 22 hours plugged into a battery charger took care of that.  I’m hoping my pc might come back soon.  The laptop’s fine but I’m missing various useful documents, notably the one that has all my passwords to everywhere else, and I also have three hundred photos on my camera waiting to upload and sort into their relevant folders. 

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