Sermon Notes

I have just put up some sermon notes on Philippians 2 (Filipenses in Spanish) from last week.  You can find them in Spanish under the sermons tab above.  I got brave and for the first time ever I didn’t write out my entire sermon word for word (which probably renders the notes less useful to the unsuspecting but what ho.)  I think it probably went better as a result, almost definitely sounded more natural because I wasn’t reading it out.  But it was a bit nerve wracking trying to keep remembering what I’d thought I was going to say about each part – hard enough in English when at least I have the advantage of all the vocabulary to hand.  My next challenge coming up is to deliver a short sermon series.  I’m used to my invitations to preach arriving at six month intervals so it is probably going to be good discipline to have to deliver something good quality three or four weeks running, and to give the whole series a coherent shape. 

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