Mud pies

We (me and the three kids) are off to Scout camp in approximately five hours time.  The site is in Yacanto de Calamuchita, about six hours away, in a valley surrounded by mountains and we will have 700 hectares of virgin scrub land all to ourselves.  We don’t expect to have internet access, probably not even phone signal,, being in a valley.  If you’re a praying type, please do pray for fun and safety for everyone.  I am in charge of the group, we will be 31 in total.  We’re back next Saturday night. 

Danny the other day made himself a birthday cake out of mud.  He stuck two little sticks on it as candles.  Then he sung happy birthday to himself.  Then he ate it (yes really).  Then he threw up.  I’m wondering what they’re going to make of him when he starts in the official pre-school system in March. 

Here are a couple of photos I took on summer scheme this week.  Working as a one-to-one support worker clearly doesn’t pay anything like teaching (in fact at the moment it doesn’t pay at all but that’s another story), but I think it’s the first time ever I have had the luxury of concentrating for a sustained period of time on one kid and thinking about what it means to work on meeting his needs, and therefore I am even more convinced than ever of the value of supporting disabled kids in mainstream settings if it is done well (and of course it is that “if” that causes so much controversy)

Group of kidsGame with swimming floats

He loved that game with the floats, in fact he went back about five times for more! 

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