Sealed with a Kiss

Rubber stamp

The surest sign that you are inextricably acculturated in Argentina?  You have a stamp with your name on it! 

I had to get this made in order to complete the paperwork for the health-care people who might agree to pay me.  Every time I see it it makes me giggle. 

I have yet to understand the fascination with rubber stamps here.  I used to think it was about ensuring the genuine-ness of the signature, until I took my kids to the doctor to complete their school medical papers.  He filled in the form and forgot to stamp and sign it.  So the next day I went back to the clinic and asked if he was there.  Don’t worry, said the receptionist, I can stamp that for you.  She opened a drawer to reveal an array of stamps with the name of probably every single professional who has ever worked at the hospital.  She stamped the paper, and drew a squiggle over the top.  Which leaves me suspecting that the main reasons are probably not a lot more sophisticated than self-importance and looking nice.  Mine is a self-inking variety, and it makes a satisfying ka-chunk sound.

My paperwork went in on Monday, and there is a big meeting that I’m not invited to on Thursday.  After which I should know my fate, or hopefully at least be a bit closer, depending on how many more pieces of paper and rubber stamps they ask for.  Ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk…

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