London Day

London through the eyes of the kids;

Danny’s delight at leaping onto yet another escalator as we changed up and down levels on the underground.  “Get ready for another big jump!” 

The British Museum.  Joni wanted to go and see the mummies, but he really preferred discovering the exhibitions of clocks, and Mesopotamian writing.  Danny found a case of little clay figures in ancient Mesopotamia; “Look!  It’s the gingerbread man”  much to the amusement of a lady quietly taking notes nearby. 

Tower bridge.  To see Tower Bridge opening has long been a humble ambition on my bucket list.  We arrived at the tail-end of one lift, but since there was another one due in two hours we hopped onto a boat up and down the Thames to see a few other bridges and occupy the time.  With spectacular unplanned fortitude we managed a ring-side view of the bridge lift from the boat as we were heading back to land. 


Small melt-down as Danny’s calorie count dropped into overdraft “I don’t want chips; I said I wanted chips”.  Break the habit of a life-time to dive into a handy McDonalds, happy to discover that they appear to be rather improved in the decade or so since my last visit.  And head for Kings Cross and a train home. 


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