Culinary Moments

  • Danny says "I want a Somali…" 
  • A what? 
  • "A Somali!" 
  • You what? 
  • "That one, I want that one!" 
  • Ah, you’d like me to pass you a slice of salami? 
  • "Yes, a Somali…"

Here’s one of the best recipes I know.  Take one cup of sugar, half a cup of oil, two eggs, and a quarter of a bag of SR flour.  Beat it with a fork.  Add a bit of milk if it looks like it needs it.  Now you have the makings of the most boring sponge cake in the world.  But here comes the fun part.  Because this one will take absolutely anything you want to throw into it.   This morning I dumped in a bowl of left over porridge, a chopped pear and a spoon of cinnamon.  Other times it’s had banana, nuts, chocolate, raisins, vanilla, pineapple, a myriad of leftovers, half a roast dinner… OK maybe not the roast; I normally dump that into a pie case with a heap of vegetables, as I did for lunch today in fact. 

Meanwhile Joni handed me a cork that he had found.  “Look Mummy, that’s got to be from a good wine to have a cork like that…”  Child you’re seven years old (OK a week off eight, but even so.)  He was right too! 


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