Big boy; Bigger bike

Joni on bike   Joni on bike

It was a toss up who would win, and it took him five days, but today Joni has managed to tame the new bike that we gave him for his birthday on Tuesday.  We even took him and it back to the shop to ask if Charlie would recommend we change it, but as Charlie pointed it, the size down would fit him today, and next year he’d be needing another bike.  Joni was heard muttering “should have had it for Christmas, Santa would know what size I am…”  So we put some time into practising starting and stopping without falling off, and now Joni is a lot happier, and I am satisfied that he is safe to take it out into traffic. 

Fifteen friends came for a party on Friday evening.  He wanted a Tron theme, so we played with coloured torches and sparklers out in the plaza, as well as the obligatory bouncy castle. 

lighting sparklers  Sparklers  bouncy castle

I made two chocolate ring cakes, decorated them into Tron disks and joined them together to make an eight. 

Tron cake  Tron cake 

Tron cake

Cake was complemented by the usual party array, and plenty of fat salt and sugar was consumed by all. 

Eating sausages  Danny and sweets  Giving out party bags

And all that was left was the clearing up. 

Joni and bouncy castle

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