Growing up

I left Joni playing in the plaza with a couple of other kids while I took Danny to his little music group.  It reminded me of the news story we saw while we were in the UK this year, of the mother who got arrested for letting her kid go to the park while she was at work.  Apart from the useful feature that I didn’t get arrested, the main differences in the story were that her kid had a mobile phone whereas mine certainly doesn’t, and if her kid hadn’t been kidnapped by the authorities, she would have still been in the park when mum got back, whereas mine had left me a note on the kitchen table;

Joni note

I was right chuffed; it’s the first time he’s ever left me a note (should also add that it’s the first time he’s ever not been there when I’ve got back as well, just in case any social workers are reading).  In one hit I knew where to find him, and I also knew how many people I’m catering for tea and breakfast!  I have no idea what the relevant stats are; I don’t think Argentina is particularly more or less safe than the UK, but folk round here generally seem to be a bit less bonkers about it. 

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