The week so far…

In no particular order.

Prepare Sunday school, teach English, prepare house for visitors, receive visitors, do San Francisco tour with same, take three kids to three different schools, meet with psychologist, cook food, take child to other child’s birthday party, call in at bus station and write down timetable, butcher, baker, greengrocer, fishmonger, stationer, put together dossier on vandalism we are currently suffering at Scouts in the hope that the municipality might be interested, cut a cardboard box into a castle for a soft toy to sleep in, clean the house, battle with paperwork, take kids to the plaza, have a meeting at secondary school, teach some more English, participate in craft event at infant school, go to dentist, prep for a meeting on Sunday, do homework with kids, go to the teen hostel where no-one is quite sure who phoned me or why they might have asked me to come, respond to a bunch of emails, teach English to an autistic guy who needs a friend more than he needs to learn English, try and read some theology, organise Scout leaders’ meeting, take child’s bike to be fixed, prepare talk on Halloween for kids’ club… anyone know which Disney cartoon it is where the girl has to disguise herself as a boy and there’s a song she sings into the mirror about wishing she could be known?

It’s a strange one this lifestyle.

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