The rest need therapy

the rest need therapy


Martin’s in Peru this week on a Latin Link leadership workshop, so I’m holding the domestic fort.  Either or both of us may need therapy by the end of the week, but at the moment it’s going quite calmly, at this end anyway, I haven’t heard his story yet. 


Meanwhile Joni is enjoying picking the first crop of peaches off the little tree which we planted last year.  Verdict, a bit insecty but quite tasty.  We may need to figure out how to improve the bug situation for next year. 

We spent the weekend on camping with some of the older scouts in Monte Redondo, a bit of woodland about 12 kms cycle ride away. There’s a bunch more photos up on facebook.  The Scout page is at Daniel Ñañez, or on my page. 

DSC_0010  DSC_0012  DSC_0049 

Remembering that the Scout movement grew out twenty boys on a camp led by an old soldier with a chronic smoking addiction, this guy could go far;


At church last night I was preaching on being members of the body of Christ.  Something similar to what I said will be up under the sermons tab when I get round to putting it there. 

Danny was in trouble at school today;

  • Me “That wasn’t very good, getting sent to the  head”
  • He “But I didn’t want to come in from the patio”

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