Teen’s life currently resembles a soap opera.  Most details not appropriate for public viewing before the watershed, but all prayers and wise counsel gratefully accepted.  She and baby decamped to Cordoba for a few days this week.   On the way back from dropping them off at the bus station I realised this meant that we could actually fit the whole family in the car, having effectively been grounded since Baby’s birth in December (being six in a car thus illegal to go anywhere).  So we made a spontaneous decision to decamp to Miramar for a few days. 

I love the fact that our kids are still unsophisticated enough to be able to have fun with sand and water.  We pitched tents in the usual spot and mostly divided our time between the beach – sand and salty water; and the swimming pool – chlorinated water.  We also threw in a boat trip to see flamingos because Joni wanted to go on a boat, and I never get tired of flamingos; and a trip to an otter farm which we hadn’t done before.  “Nutria” are a local delicacy, and technically aren’t otters, but it’s the best translation the dictionary can come up with. 


Now we’re back home, catching up on the next instalment of the Teen soap opera (thought briefly about killing her yesterday but today we have calm on the western front), drying off tents (inconveniently rained all day yesterday for packing up), catching up with washing, and preparing resources for games and activities ready for the next decamp, with the church youth group starting on Monday. 

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