With sweat at the foundry between the wars

Sweet moderation, heart of this nation
Desert us not, we are between the wars

Billy Bragg – Between the Wars

Currently we appear to be in a period of calm between episodes of manic intense activity. 

Teen is in a good place at the moment, she and boyfriend are getting on well and spending more time together now that they have officially split up – I wouldn’t dare to attempt to fathom any reason or understanding beyond appreciating the peace while it endures.  We’re still no further forward regarding paperwork, and we are still not sure what will happen to Baby when Teen goes back to school.  Both of those things are technically in other peoples hands, although the net effects of either will of course fall onto her and us. 

School goes back for everyone on the 29th, floods and teachers strikes permitting.  I think we have gathered enough paperwork and equipment, but there’s usually something I have forgotten or didn’t know about.  The idea of ensuring that people have access to sufficient information in order to fulfil requirements isn’t really part of this culture.  I find it hard that I am unable to do anything other than be in the wrong most of the time, but I suspect that people who are born here just accept it as part of life. 

The first ever camp with our church teens went well.  I don’t feel I have a great affinity with teenagers in general, so I was amazed that they seemed to enjoy the games that I organised, and they even appeared to be listening when I presented my teaching slot. 


Now between camps, preparing for the Scout summer camp for the final week of the school holidays, from this Saturday till next.  I am actually slightly worried that I am not stressed enough about this!  Normally at this stage I would be running around like something headless, but it all appears to be under control, so I am hoping and praying that this is really the case and that anything major I may have forgotten will come to light preferably in sufficient time to fix it. 

We’re arming for peace, me boys between the wars

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