Beanie is born

Doctora Travela, our gynecologist, said “it might have been happening for thousands of years, but it’s still a miracle every time”. So this is us, introducing our own little miracle to the world.
Jonathan was born yesterday, 22nd of September at 10.50 in the morning. His full name is Jonathan Oscar Frost which he’ll probably grow into one day. Jon (or Joni is the norm in Argentina) will also suit him fine. He weighed in at 2.7 kgs, which I think is about 5 lb 15 oz in old money, he was three weeks early, so he’s quite little and skinny, and like his name, his clothes are all too big for him.
Jonathan just bornThis is Jonathan, newly arrived in the world and registering his first list of complaints… being cleaned, being suctioned, being weighed, being measured, being injected, being dressed…

I learnt that babies don’t arrive looking pink and cute, I’m guessing eight months in a warm bath followed by being stuffed down a drain-pipe probably doesn’t do a great deal for ones complexion. He looks a lot better a day later. I was also surprised at how counter-intuitive the giving birth process was for something that is supposed to be “natural”, I wonder if that’s what Genesis 3:16 means when it refers to increased pain in child-birth.

Jonathan on day one Here he is clothed and in his right mind, looking pink and cute in our room on the ward.

Us at homeThis is us released from hospital, arrived at home, and setting out on a whole new learning curve, encompassing the enormity of psalm 139 and being entrusted with the nurture of this little person whose every detail has been crafted and known by God since the beginning of time; to the “significant trivia”, like how we don’t yet have any sheets for the cot…

Jonathan with Martin on the computerTraining for the family business begins at an early age. Here he is having bonding time with Daddy, who by the way did a superb job yesterday gowned and scrubbed up in the delivery suite, and is fast becoming a dab hand with those nappies.

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