Sun bed

We were back at the Hospital Privado this morning, registering Joni for his health cover, and having his first battery of checks done. The first blood test showed up as high for “bilirrubina”, whatever that might be, think it’s something to do with jaundice as his eyes are yellow rather than white at the moment. So they’ve taken him back in and they’ve got him under a sun-lamp, no kidding, people pay huge amounts of money for this kind of treatment. We’re not sure how long he’s going to be there for, certainly overnight tonight and they’ll tell us tomorrow. They’re letting us in every three hours so that I can feed him. Joni under the sunlampHere he is, looking slightly surreal and purple. Latest list of complaints: having his clothes removed, being dumped into a plastic crate, being blindfolded. Parents also have a complaint to register: not being allowed to sleep last night… never mind, when he’s fourteen we’ll probably be looking fondly back on the nights when he kept us awake by staying in rather than by going out!

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