Butternut Squash Pigs

Wanted; one long-lasting and tasty recipe requiring 30 butternut squashes. I planted a butternut squash plant, known variously in Argentina as corianito, anco, or calabacin depending on your bit of the country. Then two more plants sprouted themselves from the compost heap, and triffid-like they took over my garden. They haven’t actually tried to eat anyone yet but it’s probably only a matter of time. I’ve given twelve away. I’ve made a pie filling. I’m about to try crystallising them in sugar solution. I have recipes for soup, salad, pasta sauce and hot-pot, although with temperature in the 30’s we might give the hotpot a miss. And there’s still several green ones left on the plants.
Made me remember a book we had as kids; Apple Pigs Which I just went looking for on the internet and found retailing for a hundred quid second hand on Amazon. Sincerely hope our childhood copy hasn’t been sent to a jumble-sale…

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