Slowing down

After a couple of weeks of running around like a headless thing, I think we’re now in some sort of rhythm that will see us through the summer.

I started work on Monday accompanying small disabled kid to mainstream play scheme for three hours a day.  It’s going well so far. We still haven’t managed to finish the paperwork, so there is still a chance that I might not get paid, but I’m hoping that  the odds or the gods might turn out to be on my side.  I have been to the tax office three times, the employee who wanted to try and fight me for the Falkland Islands on my first visit, turned out to be adorable in an Asperger’s sort of way on my second visit, so he took me quite a long way through the process.  Apparently the rest of it is supposed to be done on line, but we haven’t yet managed to persuade the system to let us in!  

The Christmas sermon alluded to in previous blog and preached on Sunday, is now up on the website (you can find it under the sermon tab).  I didn’t preach it exactly as the script, but it’s near enough.  It delivered rather well in the end (if I say so myself) despite me biting my nails over it till the final second.  

Meanwhile, tis the season and all that.  The tree is up and decorated.  The teenager is installed here now for the summer holidays.  I started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.  It would have been quicker if I had done it last week when the entire city wasn’t all trying to do the same thing in the same half a kilometre of shopping space.  This afternoon I need to make some desserts, and then this evening we will be off to share food in the back garden of some friends across town.  In the interim, I have an urgent appointment with some kids and a paddling pool. 

However you’re celebrating, have a good one. 

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