The morning after the day before

26th of December in the Frost household. The main Christmas celebration happens on the night of the 24th.  Argentineans do their presents at about five past midnight.  We as a hybridised family join in the food, frolicking and fireworks as good Argentineans on the 24th, and then as good Brits we put out our stockings before we go to bed, and do presents on the morning of the 25th.  So the 25th for us is a bit like any other bank holiday, but with new toys. 


Danny recovering from a hard day’s play. 


Joni in pyjamas got straight back to where he left off running his new train set (second hand from ebay and carted on and off planes trains and automobiles in order to get it across from England). 



The Christmas tree in the middle of the track is after we fell in love with this cool video…

That was first thing this morning. Ten hours later, Joni has managed to put his clothes on and is still playing trains, while Danny managed to get out of his pyjamas and is now stark naked watching television on the computer.  The teen flits in and out with her friends, she is very happy with her new mobile phone (second hand from a local Facebook buying and selling group), although I am conscious that we have an outstanding  tough conversation awaiting the right moment.  Meanwhile, I am reading “Vanishing Grace”, the latest offering  by Philip Yancy, following up “What’s so amazing about Grace?” and wondering what it might mean to conduct such a conversation in a way that embodies both grace and truth.  “The supreme religious challenge is to see God’s image in one who is not in our image…”

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