Do the hokey cokey…

… and that was a fast turn around.  Owing to a last minute (even by Argentinean standards) change of plan, within twelve hours, I came in from Scout camp;


showered, dumped a load into the washing machine, made two cakes, organised someone to look after the dog, a different someone to look after the fish, repacked for the family, went to bed for a couple of hours, and left again in the direction of the province of Salta and the annual Latin Link team conference. 

Coronel Moldes village in Salta province provides an idyllic backdrop for team meetings;

Village of Coronel Moldes

Our team is very well established having gone through the whole forming-storming-norming process through our various encounters.  Good outcomes; I made my exit from the team exec after eight years, and instead I now get to produce the monthly prayer diary.  Martin makes his debut on the exec, together with folk who I believe have the potential to be a highly effective diverse and robust team.  We also enjoyed some fun together, one afternoon “helping” (ahem) the fishermen on the nearby reservoir;

Danny with bait  Joni with fish

A trip out to the exquisite rock formations in the mountains around Cafayate;

climbing on rocksrock formationrearranging the stones

Joni rearranging the rocks for the confusion of future archaeologists.DSC_0064

and on the last evening, a few of us stomped up the San Bernado hill overlooking the city of Salta.

view over Salta  Salta lights

Now we’re back in San Francisco where we are now halfway through a slightly more relaxing four day turn around until we leave for the UK via the bus to Buenos Aires tomorrow night. 

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