And it don’t seem a day…

Considering how many more talented, qualified, envisioned, holier, spirit filled, inspired ideal textbook mission candidates have come and gone in the last decade, we are somewhat amazed, and more than a little chuffed to realise that this week marks our tenth anniversary of landing in Argentina.  Late November 2005 we left the UK in minus six degree biting hail, and a few hours later found ourselves in a thirty five degree swamp of Buenos Aires. 

If folk in the mission office in blighty back then had been asked to bet on which new members of our cohort would still be there ten years later, I am fairly sure that nobody would have had their money on us.  We wish we had been better prepared, we wish we had been better supported, we wish a whole bunch of other things.  And at the same time, we are so glad that we had no idea what was going to happen or we might have been on the next plane back to London.  We have been stretched and challenged in ways that we could never have dreamed, and God continues to be good in ways that we frequently don’t understand. 

Here are a few back photos from random points along the journey…

DSC_0031100_0329DSC_125DSC_0016DSC_0044DSC_136DSC_43100_0600100_0699DSC_389DSC_0001DSC_0050June 2009 019SebaDSC_0003 (2)DSC_0067Joni school picDSC_0088DSC_0212October 2009 011DSC_0040

Thanks to everyone who has continued to walk with us, we hope you will join us in raising a glass to the next bit of the adventure. 

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